Ziptrak® Warranty

General Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

Ziptrak® blinds are fully guaranteed against defective materials, manufacturing and fabrication defaults. This warranty is provided by Durablinds Trading Pte Ltd (hereby referred to as “DBT”), the exclusive distributor of genuine Ziptrak® blinds in Singapore and Malaysia.

Please contact the authorised retailer who installed your Ziptrak® system in the event of any queries or warranty claims. This information should be found in your User Guide. 

Each retailer has its own service warranty period and conditions that consumers should be aware of, before deciding to engage a retailer or vendor for the installation of their Ziptrak® in Malaysia. All costs related to the installation and reinstallation of the Ziptrak® blinds covered by this warranty depends on the above-mentioned service warranty provided by your retailer. DBT reserves the right to levy a charge to service your warranty if your retailer is unable to.

  1. Please register your warranty at 
  2. This warranty is given to all genuine Ziptrak® blinds installed by an authorised dealer operating in Malaysia.
  3. Only DBT and its authorised installers are authorised to conduct repairs / related services during the warranty period.
  4. DBT’s liability under this warranty is limited to repairing and / or replacing defective products, with the least possible delay. The warranty does not cover any losses and damages caused directly or indirectly by the product.
  5. No person, dealer, or company is authorised to change, modify or extend the terms of these warranties in any manner.
  6. The components that are replaced shall be retained by DBT.
  7. The purchases will have no claim under this warranty in respect of personal injury, damages to property or consequential damage.
  8. If the buyer resells any Ziptrak® products to another user, as the result of a sale of property, it shall include all the provisions of this warranty in such resale. DBT’s responsibility to any such third party shall be no greater than DBT’s responsibility under the warranty of the original buyer.
  9. DBT reserves the right to reject warranty claims, or charge for parts, under the following circumstances:
    1. The blind system has not been installed, maintained or operated in accordance with the instruction given in our User or Installation Guides.
    2. The defect is caused by fire, lightning, electrical disturbance, negligence, accidents and other natural disasters.
    3. The blind is being operated without Ziptrak® genuine or fabricator-recommended parts.
    4. The product has been dismantled or returned with clear evidence of abuse or other damage.
    5. Deterioration of appearance, such as scratches and ageing, in external parts as a result of normal wear and tear which does not result in the performance of the blinds.
ProductWarranty DurationExceptions
Ziptrak® SuperSpring (purchased on or after 1 Jan 2020)10 yearsExcludes Mini Spring (450mm to 600mm in width)
Ziptrak® SuperSpring (purchased before 1 Jan 2020) and Mini Spring5 years
Ziptrak® Aluminium and Components5 years
Add-on item: Somfy® Maestria 50 RTS5 years
Add-on item: Somfy® Bridge2 years
Add-on item: Somfy® Weather Sensors1 year
Add-on item: Dooya® Sensitivo/Pro Sensitivo5 years 
Add-on item:  Dooya® Bridge2 years
Add-on item:  Dooya® Weather Sensors1 year

Limited Warranty on Fabricator-Recommended Fabric

DBT also provides limited warranty on its recommended fabric as a token of confidence in our stringent selection process, with the following additional terms and conditions:

This limited warranty covers deformation in the mesh configuration, strength and colour changes, and guarantees that the fabric will not become non-functional due to changes in physical properties when exposed to normal atmospheric conditions. 

This warranty does not cover damage to the material as a result of dust, dirt and mould formation due to lack of proper maintenance, or from impact from any external sources.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, including slight fading.

FabricLimited Warranty Duration
Ziptrak® PolyWeave5 years
Ziptrak® FiberWeave5 years
Ziptrak® RainOut™ Frosted5 years
Ziptrak® RainOut™ Blackout5 years
Ziptrak® ClearView™ PVC2 years
Ziptrak® Projector White2 years