Use your balcony, the way you’ve always wanted.

With Ziptrak® keeping out the rain, heat, dust, and prying eyes, you can turn your newly-transformed outdoor space into anything you want: a cosy dining room, fun play zone, personal shrine and more! Here are 6 great reasons why Ziptrak® is the number ONE blind in Australia!

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1. Tested for strength

Ziptrak® blinds are proven to be tough! In tests conducted by TÜV SÜD PSD, on a 2m wide by 2m high Ziptrak® PanoView® blind, the blind was shown to withstand static wind loads equivalent to wind speeds of 260km/hr!

What makes Ziptrak® tough? The design of the blind, and the strength of its components. With Ziptrak®, every component is selected for it’s strength and durability; from the patented Kedar sidespline and keyway tube, right down to the aluminium and rivets.

When you purchase a Ziptrak® blind, you’re choosing a blind that doesn’t sag or rust; where the fabric doesn’t detach from the track, nor the tracks from the wall. You’re choosing a blind you won’t have to replace, in a few short months or 2 years.

With Ziptrak®️, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to quality.

2. Go super-wide

There’s nothing worse than having to ruin a gorgeous view with multiple blinds.

With Ziptrak®, we’ve got the width you need! Designed for the urban Singapore landscape, our super-wide Ziptrak® PanoView® blind is the only blind that goes up to 6m wide; even for high-rise buildings. And since balconies come in all configurations, and we’ve also got narrow gaps covered; down to 0.45m.

If you’ve got a tall order, our blinds can fit spaces of up to 4.7m high for manual systems, and up to 6m high for motorised systems!

3. Safe for kids

We know kids love to climb; almost as much as koalas do. That’s why we designed our child safety latch for Ziptrak® manual blinds. The latch keeps the blind from being raised above the railing, thus reducing the risk of falling from heights. It can only be released with a special key, or forced open with a large amount of strength. And for windy days, our double side locks will keep manual blinds fully down and secured at the bottom.

4. Smart-home ready

If you’re looking to integrate motorised Ziptrak® blinds with smart home apps, both Somfy® and Dooya® motors come with a whole suite of options for the ultimate convenience. You can get totally geeked out on obstacle detection functions, solar powered options, rain sensors, motors that talk to your smart phone, and lots more gizmos!

5. Easy to use

Manual blinds have typically been heavy and unwieldy to move, making motorised blinds an attractive option. However, Ziptrak® is a revolutionary advancement for manual blinds. Thanks to a cleverly designed and patented SuperSpring®, Ziptrak® manual blinds can be opened or closed in seconds, with just one hand. Moving the blind is quick, light and easy. No need to fiddle with cords, cranks or batteries. It’s unlike any other manual blind you’ve ever seen!

And with Ziptrak®, you can always have your motor changed out to a manual SuperSpring®, and vice versa, if you ever decide to switch.

6. Always innovating

Since the first Ziptrak® prototype was produced in 1999, Ziptrak® blinds have become even stronger, more streamlined, and more user-friendly. Thanks to our R&D team, there have been significant enhancements made to our pelmet, Superspring®, and spline… just to name a few.

With the recent introduction of Ziptrak® PanoView®, developed for the Singapore market, home owners in high-rise apartments can now enjoy a superwide blind in the sky. Another exciting innovation is our PestOut® Pelmet, which sweeps the dust off your fabric, as you move the blind.

All of these developments are possible because we have a team dedicated to product innovation. With Ziptrak®, you’ll always get the newest and coolest features; not a copy of another blind.

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With Ziptrak®, you always have options.