Fabric Options

50 Shades of Grey (and more)!

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The fabric of your blind is just as important as the blind system that frames it. Whether you’re looking to keep out rain & dust, or walk around buck naked behind closed blinds, choose the fabric that best fits your needs; even for colors that are approved by condo MA/MCST.

Porous fabrics (1%, 5%, 10% openness)

Available in polyester and fiberglass weave. The lower the percentage, the smaller the pores, and the more protection it offers. With porous fabrics, you can:

  1. Block up to 90% of rain
  2. Block up to 99% of UV rays
  3. Retain some cooled air
  4. Keep out dust and flying insects
  5. Enjoy the view even when the blind is down

Non-porous RainOut® fabrics (0% openness)

RainOut® fabrics are fiberglass laminated-weave and are impermeable to water and air. RainOut® Frosted allows some light to pass through, while RainOut® Blackout blocks out all light; perfect for those who like sleeping in. With RainOut® fabrics, you can:

  1. Block up to 100% of rain
  2. Block up to 100% of UV rays
  3. Retain cooled air
  4. Keep out dust and flying insects
  5. Enjoy complete privacy even at night

ClearView™ PVC (0% openness)

Made from Japanese marine-grade PVC, ClearView™ is developed specifically to withstand harsh climates. It is visibly thicker than cheaper PVC, which tends to age quickly. ClearView™ is also available in smoke-tinted PVC, to reduce sun glare. With ClearView™, you can:

  1. Block up to 100% of rain
  2. Block up to 90% of UV rays
  3. Retain cooled air
  4. Keep out dust and flying insects
  5. Enjoy a clear view at all times

Mix & Match

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Combine porous and non-porous fabrics to meet all your needs. Use non-porous RainOut™ fabrics or ClearView™ PVC for areas that need more rain protection, and porous fabrics for the rest. You can even have ⅓ porous fabric at the top, ⅓ clear PVC in the middle, ⅓ porous fabric at the bottom, all within the same blind (pictured here at the Shangri-La Rasa Ria Hotel & Spa).

Protection from the elements

Unlike traditional blinds, our track-guided blind system provides an excellent shield; around the top, sides and the bottom of the blind. Ziptrak® helps to keep pesky flying insects out, and greatly reduces wind, rain and dust from entering your outdoor areas.

For fabric types that are porous, do note that rain can still pass through the pores, when there is STRONG and DIRECT wind blowing against the blind. For additional water-tightness, select our non-porous fabrics, which ensures maximum protection against rain, dust and smells.

Reduce your energy bills

Weave fabrics can block up to 90% of heat from entering your home, reducing the need for air-conditioning by as high at 75%. Save money while lowering your impact on the environment!

Easy to maintain

To clean the fabric, simply wipe with a soft cloth and soapy cold water. This will help the blind to look great and last for years. Our fabrics include antimicrobial protection, which works continuously to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. Plus, our PestOut® Pelmet, which has a brush insert, will help to dust off the fabric, so you don’t get mould growing on the dust.

Variety of outdoor weave fabrics

From popular, condo-approved colors to chic designer hues, choose the color that expresses you best! Or turn your living space into a personal cinema, with our ProjectorWhite fabric. All our featured fabrics are designed for outdoor use; they are flame-retardant, lead-free, infused with antimicrobial technology, and GREENGUARD certified!

Want even more options?

From pelmets to hardware colors, Ziptrak®️ is packed with options so you can have the perfect blind!