User Guide


Ziptrak® is the original and genuine track-guided outdoor blind system! Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are now available in Singapore! Built for years of outdoor use in harsh, Australian conditions, the system is built to withstand the toughest environments.



Click here to download the official Ziptrak® Outdoor Blind User Guide, for correct operation and maintenance of your genuine Ziptrak® blind in Singapore.


If you need more information on how to use, how to clean, or how to operate Ziptrak® outdoor blinds, look no further than the Ziptrak® User Guide. Each and every blind is custom made for your home or business, allowing you to enjoy outdoor entertaining year-round. Ziptrak® owners can follow some very simple instructions to ensure they have a blind that operates perfectly and looks great for many years. Importantly, before using any spray lubricant in the track, please read the User Guide to learn more about how to properly apply and what product to use.

Ziptrak® blinds are really easy and quick to use. The User Guide includes some useful tips to make operation even easier.

Remember, Ziptrak® blinds should always be installed by a professional and qualified blind installer.