Endless options to expand your outdoor area

Ziptrak® blinds are discreet and unobtrusive, offering superior functionality without compromising your décor. Each blind is customised to your individual needs; measured, cut and installed, with a wide variety of styles, sizes, features and colour options to match or complement your existing space.

Ask for Genuine Ziptrak® – Proudly Australian owned, designed and manufactured.

Pelmets and Brackets

A pelmet encloses and protects the system from weather and creatures, ensuring your blinds will look great and operates effortlessly for years. Highly recommended for blinds installed outside of the structure.

Protect your investment with a pelmet

There are four options for installing the Ziptrak® system, depending on your preference and the structure the system will attach to. You can select from an open bracket which leaves the retracted blind visible; bracket with back flashing which hides the blind from the external side; Traditional pelmet or the new Ziptrak® PestOut® pelmet for superior protection. The PestOut® pelmet features a brush insert, which BRUSHES & CLEANS your blind fabric every time you move it! It also keeps insects out and prevents them from building nests in the pelmet.


New PestOut® Pelmet

  • Stronger covers – 60% thicker
  • Completely aluminium; rust-free
  • Brushes the blind as you move it
  • Discreet design and sleek appearance
  • Keep out the insects with the unique brush insert*
    *Exclusive features of the PestOut® Pelmet

Hardware Colour Options

Match or complement your existing structure with customised options for the vertical tracks, bottom bar and pelmet or head box.

Match the colour of your home

Ziptrak® aluminium componentry can be provided in 4 different, popular colours, or powder-coated to any conceivable colour of your choosing.

Bottom Bar Protection

A weather strip installed at the bottom of the blind provides additional protection from the elements, so water, leaves, dust and insects are even less likely to enter your space, and prevents damaging the surface where the blind rests.

Bottom Bumper

There are four types of bottom bar protection available. Ziptrak® Standard and Large Bottom Bumpers are designed to adjust to uneven surfaces while protecting from the elements and closing the gaps effectively. Both bottom bumpers are UV-resistant for superior performance in harsh weather conditions. Alternatively, to protect the surface where the blind rest a Small Bottom Bumper is also available. Or for acutely sloping surfaces a Custom-Made Bottom Bumper, otherwise known as a valance, can be provided by your Ziptrak® retailer.

Centre Lock

The patented Ziptrak® system is even easier to use with the unique Centre Lock Release. It keeps manual blinds secured at the bottom. To release it, simply raise the handle and lift the blind.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Blind locks at bottom position
  • Lock and unlock with one touch

Reverse Handle

Need to operate the blind from both sides? An extra handle can be installed at the back of the bottom bar, so you can raise your manual blind from the outside.

Child Safety Latch

Designed for manual Ziptrak® blinds, the child safety latch keeps the blind from being raised above the railing, thus reducing the risk of falling from heights. Do note that the latch is not designed for use as a security measure. The blind system should not be used as barriers for babies or children.

  • Stops blind from being raised above a certain height
  • Requires a key to lift the latch
  • Helps reduce risk of falling

Pull Stick

Raising or lowering manual blinds is easy with a pull stick. If your blind is beyond reach, simply hook the bottom bar with the pull stick, and pull down. To raise the blind, hook the centre release handle to raise the blind a little, and continue by hand. You don’t have bend down to raise the blind.

Easy to use

Ziptrak® manual spring-balanced system allows you to easily lower or raise the blind, as the sophisticated spring supports the weight of the blind. Use the Pull Stick to slide up and down from the centre of the bar.

Removable Post

If you’re looking to cover an opening wider than 6m, the Ziptrak® removable post is the perfect solution. Split your opening into different sections, providing more options, such as a smaller opening that acts as a door to your backyard. Ask your retailer for their recommendation on how to effectively design your openings.


  • Create a doorway
  • Removed in less than a minute
  • Customised to your needs