Manual Or Motorised

One hand, one finger or one voice!

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Manual (hand operated)

Featuring our patented SuperSpring®, Ziptrak® manual blinds are light, quick and easy to move. Manual blinds can be moved in under 5 seconds; a lot quicker than motorised blinds. And because there are no motors involved, you won’t have to bother with breakdowns or inevitable replacements. Best of all, our SuperSpring® comes with a warranty of 10 years!


For the ultimate convenience, we offer motorisation for Ziptrak® blinds, with two of the most recognised brands in home automation – Somfy® and Dooya®. All motors come with features like “smart obstacle detection” to prevent fabric damage, and a sleek remote control! Operate one or all blinds with just one command.

Need to operate your blinds when you’re out? Want to wake up to a sun-lit room every morning? No problem! We’ve got lots of cool upgrades available!

Choose the right configuration for your home

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Voice Activation

Both Somfy® and Dooya® motors can be recognised as devices within smart home ecosystems like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, allowing you to activate your blinds simply by talking.

You can also connect your blinds to smart home hubs via IFTTT, with the use of a bridge. Control your blinds wherever you are, via your smartphone, smartwatch or smart speakers! Speak to our Ziptrak® experts to find out more!

Convert your blinds

If you ever change your mind, you can have your motor changed out for a SuperSpring®, or vice versa. A quick swap is all it takes to go from motorised to manual blinds, or manual blinds to motorised.

When your needs change, your Ziptrak® blinds can change right along with you.

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