Ziptrak Pty Ltd

Ziptrak Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated company that designs, develops and manufactures track-guided blind products.

Our humble beginnings.

Tony de Maaijer is the original inventor of the track-guided outdoor blind, Ziptrak®. With initial beginnings in roller shutters, awnings and roof blinds, Tony started in the outdoor blinds business in 1983, with clear PVC, zippered blinds. He quickly grew frustrated with the operational and aesthetic challenges of zippered blinds, and started working on a new method of blind operation, using SuperSprings and Side Splines. And thus, in 1999, the track-guided, hand-operated Ziptrak® was conceived.


We don’t mean to brag, but…

Within 20 years in the industry, Ziptrak® has become the NUMBER ONE brand of outdoor blinds in Australia! What does being NUMBER ONE mean?

It means far more folks prefer Ziptrak® than any other outdoor blind, in the whole of Australia! It means more retailers want to sell Ziptrak®, than any other track-guided blind. It means Ziptrak® is trusted and depended upon, in a country where 25.3 million people have to protect their outdoor spaces from heatwaves, blizzards and deadly spiders.

We think that says a lot.

We mix business with pleasure.

We love what we do. That’s why we’re always looking to do better.

And we appreciate it when our customers tell us what they love about Ziptrak®, and what improvements they’d like to see. Having an in-house R&D team means we can take their suggestions and actually make it happen; just like we did for Singapore, with our super-wide PanoView® design.

Plus, with rapid climate change and global warming, we’ve got to be ready to adapt our blinds.

Want a blind that’s seriously tough, from a company that’s responsive to changing needs? Just give our retailers a shout.