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Design your blind

Expand your outdoor area with the Genuine Ziptrak® Blind System. Each blind is customised to your individual needs; measured, cut and installed. With a wide variety of styles, sizes, features and colour options to match or complement your existing space. Follow our step-by-step guide to get the perfect blind for you!


1. Prepare your pre-quote

Prepare your pre-quote information by following our
step-by-step design and research guide below.

Download your Ziptrak® Checklist here.

2. Find A Retailer

Search for your local Retailer, get in touch and
supply them with your pre-quote information,
specifications and photos.

3. Book a contactless measure and quote

Retailers only require access to your outdoor area
to check measurements and inspect your site.

Samples of system components and fabrics can be shown
from a safe distance during the appointment.

4. Contactless installation

Your chosen Retailer will then arrange
for a contactless installation visit date
at your convenience.

*Speak to your Retailer about their Social Distancing process
and contactless possibilities before they visit you.



Measure the overall height and
width of your opening.

The measurements are one of the most important
details that you will provide to your retailer.

Please measure as accurate as you can and double
check your measurements if you are not sure.

Custom made

Ziptrak® blinds are custom made to suit your requirements,
for a secure and seamless installation. The system can cover
wide spans to reduce the need for additional vertical
supports, and provide uninterrupted views.

The recommended maximum dimensions for
Ziptrak® blinds are 6000mm wide by 3500mm
high when using Sunscreen Mesh, or 5500mm
wide by 3500mm high when using Clear PVC.

Permanent post or a
Ziptrak® removable post

For large openings these options allow you to have two or more Ziptrak® blinds next to one another with a separating post.

More information is listed below.



The side tracks and top of your blinds can be secured to practically
any support structure of your opening.

The side tracks (channels) can be installed with either a reveal fix or
face fix approach according to the requirements of your area.

Side tracks

Reveal Fix or Recess Fix is when the track is fixed
onto the interior frame or cavity surrounding your opening.

Face Fix is when the channel is fixed onto the front
or face side of your opening.



The selection of the skin material depends on the type of protection you are looking for.


Sunscreen mesh materials offer effective
airflow while blocking sun and glare, and can
also block wind and rain, and help maintain
temperature within your space.

The weight and weave density of Sunscreen mesh
fabrics will influence the level of transparency and
UV protection.
Allowing privacy while viewing inside
during the day, while at night blocking your view outwards.

  • Reduces heat transmission
  • 70-99% wind, rain, sun and
    UV protection
  • Offers privacy while maintains the view


Clear and tinted PVC blinds are a popular option to block wind and maintain the temperature in your outdoor living space, whilst ensuring a clear view outside.

  • Completely rain and wind proof surface
  • High quality PVC for clear views beyond
  • Perfect for maintaining warmth within
  • PVC won’t discolour

Clear PVC used on Ziptrak® blinds is Achilles Rollclear®
dimensionally stable PVC the Japanese innovator,
Australia’s leading brand on clear PVC.

Ideal applications include café blinds, marquee
windows and marine enclosures.

Available as Clear and Smoke Tint.



Ziptrak® vertical tracks, bottom
bar and pelmet are available in
these standard colours:

Customised powder-coat to any conceivable
colour of your choice is also available.



There are four options for installing the Ziptrak® system, depending on
your preference and the structure the system will attach to.


A framework mounted over the top tube of the blind to conceal and protect the blind material and internal components.

A pelmet is highly recommended to protect your blind, especially if it is mounted in an unprotected location.


  • Open bracket which leaves the retracted blind visible.
  • Bracket with back flashing which hides the blind from the external side.
  • Traditional pelmet.
  • Streamline pelmet


The new Streamline Pelmet looks great, operates
flawlessly, and features a unique brush insert providing a
barrier against dust and insects.

  • Stronger covers – 60% thicker
  • Completely aluminium; rust-free
  • Perfect for coastal conditions
  • Discreet design and sleek appearance
  • Unique brush insert




Motorisation can be particularly useful for larger blinds or blinds mounted in hard-to-reach locations.

With the touch of a button, the blind can be lowered, operating on either household or solar power.

Ziptrak® recommends that only Sunscreen Mesh blinds are motorised, not clear PVC.

  • Smooth and secure operation
  • Stop blind at any height
  • Motor hidden inside pelmet
  • Optional SolarSmart™


There are four bottom bar accessories available.

Ziptrak® Standard and Ultra-Wide Weather Strips
are designed to adjust to uneven surfaces while protecting
from the elements and closing the gaps effectively.

Both weather strips are UV resistant for superior
performance in harsh weather conditions.

Alternatively, to protect the surface where the blind
rests a Basic Bottom Bumper is also available.

Or for acutely sloping surfaces a custom-made skirt,
otherwise known as a valance, can be provided by
your Ziptrak® retailer.


A weather strip installed at the bottom of the blind provides additional protection from the elements.

  • Water, leaves, dust and insects are less likely to enter your space.
  • Helps prevents damaging the surface where the blind rests.


The patented Ziptrak® system is even easier to use with the unique Centre Lock Release.

Secure the blind at the bottom, and raise it with one touch in just seconds.

  • Blind locks at bottom position
  • Lock and unlock with one touch
  • Simple and easy to use


Avoid reaching up to retract the blind and bending down to lock the blind
with the affordable addition of a pull stick.

With a robust design and smooth finish, operating the blind is intuitive and simple.

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight


A Ziptrak® removable post is the perfect solution to cover an opening wider than 6m.

Split your opening into different sections to provide more options, such as a smaller
opening that acts as a door to your backyard.

Ask your retailer for their recommendation on how to effectively design your openings.

  • Create a doorway
  • Removed in less than a minute
  • Customised to your needs



Find your local Ziptrak® Retailer by using our easy to use Find-a-Retailer online search:

Provide your retailer with your completed Ziptrak® Checklist for an easier contactless quoting process.

*Speak to your Retailer about their Social Distancing process and contactless possibilities before they visit you.

Ziptrak® Retailers just need to access your outdoor area, keeping your family safe at home.

The retailers on our website purchase from Ziptrak® Authorised Fabricators who
custom-make each blind to our manufacturing specifications. This ensures you are
receiving a genuine Ziptrak® system, installed using the correct components to
ensure longevity and proper functionality.