How do Ziptrak® outdoor blinds fare in windy, rainy conditions? Will it flap or rattle? Does it really keep the rain out? And how are Ziptrak® blinds different from other brands? Find the answers and more in this short video! Make the smart purchase – choose genuine Ziptrak® blinds for your outdoor areas, because they work well, and they’re built to last!


Designed for the urban Singapore landscape, our super-wide Ziptrak® PanoView® blind is the only blind that goes up to 6m wide; even for high-rise buildings. Now you can enjoy all the protection Ziptrak® gives, without having a post in-between. Enjoy that gorgeous view, the way it was meant to be!


Ziptrak® Sunscreen Mesh Blinds protect you from wind, rain, sun, insects and UV. The ingenious spring-balanced design makes it easy to raise or lower to the blind to your preferred height. With an elegant but robust best-in-class design, it’s no wonder Ziptrak® is Australia’s favorite outdoor blind. Keep your home or business cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Reduce your energy bills whilst expanding your living space!


Ziptrak® PVC Outdoor Blinds protect your outdoor living space from the elements. The track-guided systems keeps out insects whilst blocking rain and wind. Available in both clear and tinted high quality PVC, Ziptrak® blinds are a popular commercial solution and increasingly found in your typical backyard. Ziptrak® blinds are a smart investment in your outdoor lifestyle.


Ziptrak® Outdoor spring-balanced blinds save you time compared with crank blinds. Leave the blind at any height along the track with effortless operation due to the spring-balanced patented system. Crank operated blinds are cumbersome and slow to lower or retract. Ziptrak® blinds have been a revolutionary addition to the vertical awning market, changing what people expect from an outdoor blind!


Ziptrak® spring-balanced blinds can be operated by an optional Pull Stick. This allows the user to stand whilst operating the blind without the need to bend down or reach up.